Rousseau, Moreau & Associate Engineering, formerly RMV Architects, Has provided since 1992, Architectural, Interior Design, Space Planning and Engineering Services. The founding partners share more than 85 years of design experience, working on a wide variety of architectural projects worldwide. The firms’ experienced design staff working to physical and budgetary guidelines, create unique, efficient and cost effective projects including master plan developments, mixed-use developments, hotels, resorts & residential complex, corporate residences, conference centers, commercial office buildings, corporate office interiors, sports and recreational facilities, academic buildings, healthcare facilities, etc.


RMAE offers services in Planning, Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering for a wide variety of project types worldwide. Our planning experience ranges from developing building programs and feasibility studies to preparing site plan strategies for mixed-use projects, some of which integrate new construction with existing buildings. Our architectural practice encompasses buildings of many types and scales. We strive to develop a character for each project that expresses the client's aspirations, program, local culture, and context. We design the interiors of all of our projects. We select and also custom design furniture, furnishings, fixtures, accessories and artwork to complement the character of our architecture.

The key to successful planning and design in Mixed-Use project is skillful combination of the component uses into vibrant environment that is truly synergistic. RMAE has designed several different kinds of buildings, recent work includes:

  • Olaya Holiday Inn Hotel in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Architecture & I.D. Concept, Design and Construction phase of over 20,000m2 Completed May 2000.
  • US Embassy & Consulates Security Improvements in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dhahran in coordination with US Department in Washington DC. Completed.
  • Santa Rosa Residential Complex in Florida Master plan and first phase implementation over 100,000 m2 include residences, recreation facilities and retail mall. Completed January 2001.
  • King Abdul Aziz City for Sciences & Technology in Riyadh - Design and Specifications of Laser Applications Laboratory Bldg # 34 Completed June 2001.
  • RSADF, Underground Command Central Facilities in Riyadh Design Concept, Architecture & ID and rendering documents, Completed October 2003.
  • Al Wasmiah Residencial Resort in Bahrain, Design phase of over 100,000 m2 of Private residence, Suites hotel and cottages and recreation facilities. Completed December 2003.
  • "Al Nojoud" Fashion & Shopping Mall in Riyadh Refurbishing, New Design Concept over 25,000 m2 include mall, 200 parking, Landscape,… Completed January 2004.
  • Bechtel Permanent Camp in Baghdad- Concept, Architecture and Special security structure system over 20,000 m2. Completed March 2004.
  • French Embassy in Riyadh New Design Concept of VISA Section and PAC at Consulate, Include Architecture and Engineering construction document, completed April 2005.
  • Kazakhstan Embassy Chancellery and Ambassador Residence in Riyadh Architecture and Engineering, construction supervision. Completed 2007.
  • UGCC, Underground Command Center - SANG in Riyadh Design Concept, Architecture &; ID and rendering documents, Completed October 2008.
  • Luxurious Private Residence Apartment in Beirut Architecture and Engineering, Interior Design, turn key project over 2000 m2. Completed 2008.
  • iMRI Building at King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh Architecture and Engineering, over 1000 m2. Completed 2008.
  • Mesa Verde Resort & Country Club/ Multinational School at Al Murtara District in Riyadh. Design phase of over 1,800,000 m2 of hotel, school, golf course 18 hole, 800 residences/apartments, recreation facilities, clinic and all support components. Preliminary Design Completed December 2009.
  • U.S. General Consulate in Herat Afghanistan Architectural & Engineering, Completed 2011.
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre/ New King Abdullah Centre for Cancer and Liver Disease in Riyadh Architectural & Engineering construction project assistance to Main Contractor, Construction in Progress,
  • iMRI, Brainlab Suite at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh Architecture and Engineering, over 350 m2., Construction in Progress.

Master plans and designs for a variety of other notable international projects are currently "on the board".

We are also responsible for several other luxury projects in States, in Europe and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including Private Residences of HRH Prince SBF in Paris, Dr Nasser I. Al Rashid in Paris and Riyadh Beirut. Additionally we have completed work for DHL regional distribution center in Riyadh and Jeddah, as well as luxurious residences in Tucson Arizona, Paris and Cannes in France, Mallorca in Spain and Riyadh and Al Khobar.


For reasons of Security, the profile does not include prints and examples of design for projects we have completed concerning sensitive security buildings and facilities or details of projects now under design. Our Client base includes the following Government and Non-government organizations.

  • MODA
    Design of Armory & Secure Training Facilities
    RSADF Underground Command Central Facilities
  • Thomson CSF branch / Thales
    Thomson CSF compound in Jeddah and Al Khobar,
    Thomson CSF head office in Riyadh and Jeddah,
    Thomson CSF Facilities at KKMC,
    Thomson CSF Fly Simulators System Building in Jeddah and Jubail
    Riyadh and Jeddah Distribution Center
  • U.S. Embassy Facilities
    Guard House and Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers, Perimeter Walls, Riyadh, Jeddah & Dhahran
    New Car and Pedestrian Access Control, Riyadh, Jeddah & Dhahran
    Marines Quarter Jeddah Dhahran
    Maintenance and Technical building Jeddah
    Ambassador Residence in Riyadh
    US Community Facilities
    PSU U.S. Embassy Manama Bahrain
    U.S. General Consulate in Herat Afghanistan
  • Canadian Embassy Facilities
    Visas Section and Pedestrian access control - new design concept of main Embassy building.
  • French Embassy Facilities
    Visas Section and Pedestrian access control - new design concept
    Security Improvement of Ambassador's Residence
  • Royal Netherlands Embassy Facilities
    Security Upgrade of Chancery and Consulate
    Refurbishment of "ESKAN" Village in Riyadh
    43rd NET Office Building in Riyadh
  • Aviation
    Gulf Stream Maintenance Hanger Facility, Bahrain.
    Plasbau ME Factory in Dammam
    Euronotic International Factory in Dammam/ Thales
    Bateel Chocolate Factory in Riyadh
    Badrahn Motors Upgrade in Riyadh
    Jacquard Textile Factory in Yanbu/Devcorp
    Shrimp farm in Jizan/Devcorp
    Date Factory Al Fakhra in Al Ghat


    RMA Engineering has over 35 years of professional experience in the Design and Construction Supervision of Projects in Europe, USA, Africa and the Middle East. Our experience extends to Mixed Use Developments, Commercial Developments, Recreational/Residential Developments, Industrial Developments and Healthcare Developments.
    All our staff have Middle Eastern experience and our senior staff have spent in excess of 30 years in the Middle East. .

    • Jean Yves Rousseau worked with Dr. N. Al Rashid and Rashid Engineering and was involved in major Healthcare projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including:

    • 1. Al Baha General Hospital.
      2. King Khaled Specialist Eye Hospital, Riyadh.
      3. Fahd Children Medical Research Center, Riyadh.

      For the latter project, Jean acted as the client's representative and the project coordinator between the Designer and the Medical Consultant, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, a leading pediatric Cancer Research Center.

    • Garrett Nugent worked with Molony and Millar Consulting Engineers in Ireland on the following renovation/new build Healthcare projects;

    • 1. St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin.
      2. Mater Hospital, Dublin.
      3. Holles Street Hospital, Dublin.
      4. National Medical Rehabilitation Center, Dublin.

      In addition, Garrett worked on the King Abdullah Center for Cancer and Liver Diseases at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital ,Riyadh for Al Bawani Contractors.

      RMV Architects worked on the following projects with Al Faisaliah Medical Systems on the King Fahd Medical City, Riyadh.

      1. New iMRI /Brain Suite Building in association with BrainLab, Germany, 2007.
      Coordination with BrainLab, Siemens and the Hospital Authorities.
      Supervision of the Construction on site and Handover to the client.

      2. Cardiac Center Extension, 2007.
      RMV's Scope of Works included the Concept Design and the Detailed Design including the Architectural, Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Drawings.
      Brain Suite ICT, 2009.

      3. KFMC Brain Suite ICT Complete Concept and Development Design 2009.

    This experience has given us the knowledge and ability to create sensitive and responsive solutions in a variety of settings, incorporating the nuances of local culture, construction practice and site conditions.

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